FTP service is running on the FTP server of the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE).
The address of this server is

This service makes data files available for PSE clients on the Internet.
It is neccesary to sign a contract with the PSE for access to the FTP service
(only for the data which are subject of payment). An annual fee is charged for this data.
A client can use the data for his own needs but is not permitted to disseminate this data to others.
The data provided free of charge by the PSE are available by anonymous FTP access and can be freely disseminated.

Data files are available by the FTP service in following folders:

End of Day Data (Trading results)
Results.act - complete results of trading
Results.ak - price list - file AK.csv with delay 120' (it means from 7:15 p. m.) - free of charge
Results.old - old complete results of trading

Information on Issues and Issuers
Issuers.dta - information about emissions, issuers files, file structure description

Stock Exchange Bulletin (Czech language only)
Vestnik.doc - issues of Stock Exchange Bulletin

Statistics - free of charge
Statist.dta - monthly and annual trading statistics

Basic Information, Law, Regulations, Rules - free of charge
Info.bas - basic information, law, regulations, rules
Annual.rep - annual reports of issuers
Semiannual.rep - semiannual reports of issuers

In case you are interested in PSE data, please see details on Vienna Stock Exchange (Wiener Börse) website: